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In Ear Microphones and Headsets

A headset with an optimised in-ear microphone for discrete communications


A headset incorporating an earphone and an optimised in-ear microphone for applications where it is impractical or impossible to use a microphone boom, but clear and precise communications is essential for safety, instruction and conversation. It can also be used in surveillance situations as the appearance of the headset resembles a standard consumer entertainment system, allowing it to be used with Smartphones if necessary.

Incorporating an optimised microphone designed to respond to speech from the ear canal and a high quality earphone, the headset can fulfil the demands of a number of applications including communications within a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) type of protective suit/respirator, public order personnel and situations where a boom microphone may be impractical or unsuitable.

The headset can be supplied as discreet items or wired together on a Y cord. A wide range of eartips are also available included open types (where the user is aware of ambient noise), it is not recommend that these are used with a microphone.


Ear Microphone

  • Frequency Response Optimised to compensate for ear canal acoustics
  • Sensitivity -35dB ±3dB
  • Type Electret
  • Impedance - Nominal 3800 Ω
  • Operating Voltage - 0.9 -10 VDC
  • Attenuation - Typically 25dB depending on eartip type
  • Size Body: - Dia:11.3mm Depth: 10.4mm Spout: 5.3mm long x 3.5mm dia
  • Weight - 2g
  • Colour Options - Beige, Black, White
  • Cable - 1200mm, PU Kevlar (option discrete or Y cable)


  • Frequency Response  - 100Hz - 5kHz ±5dB
  • Sensitivity (Standard) - 102dB @ 0.35mVA into 2cc acoustic coupler (1000Hz)
  • Type - Subminiature Balanced Armature
  • Impedance/Resistance - 725/196 Ω (1000Hz)
  • Attenuation - Typically 25dB depending on eartip type
  • Size Body: - Dia:11.3mm Depth: 10.4mm Spout: 5.3mm long x 3.5mm dia
  • Weight (including battery) - 2g
  • Operating Temperature Range  -10C to +40C
  • Colour Options - Beige, Black, White
  • Cable - 1200mm, PU Kevlar (option discrete or Y cable)
  • CE Conformity - 89/336/EWG-Electromagnetic


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