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In-Ear Headsets & Microphones

A range of In-Ear Headsets, head worn microphones and label microphones designed for use by broadcast, music, corporate, charities, medical, military, government, schools, colleges, universities, fitness industry, training and other businesses. Each one will deliver clever and crisp audio and can be engineered for a specific market sector. Sensorcom has manufactured OEM microphone products for a number of leading audio companies in Europe.

Generic Eartips

We manufacture and stock a very wide range of generic eartips. Eartips can be a very personal choice; human ears all all very different and what is comfortable for one users may not suit another. It is also dependent on the amount of attenuation and if it is desirable to have disposable or reusable.

ProGuard Custom Fit eartips perfectly matched to your own ears.

Soft, comfortable and durable, Comply eartips give good ambient noise isolation

Easy to fit, soft flexible and mouldable foam eartips for a  snug fit

Multi Filament eartips for high noise exclusion when clear precise comms is required

A doubled flanged eartip with a flared audio port for better high frequency response.

Soft and flexible Triple Flanged eartips ideal for use with acoustic eartubes.

Soft and flexible EarPortz are curved for extra comfort and sound clarity.

Open style eartips for use with acoustic tubes allows for easy communications

In Ear Headsets

The MicroCom™ system is a group of in-ear headset variants that are very low-profile and specifically designed for applications where the user may be exposed to high noise levels but must use head protection in complete comfort. Microphone can be pressure sensitive for high noise environments, or Omni for use where there is low levels of ambient noise. Available for soft generic or custom eartips as the MicroCom 3 and an alternative version for hard generic or custom eartips called the MicroCom Twistlock. MicroCom will fit most ear profiles and is supplied with different sized eartips and helix tips to achieve the best fit. It can be supplied in single or dual formats. MicroCom can also be supplied as a headset for custom fitting where it can be inserted into a custom mould made form the profile of the users ear. 

A headset with an optimised in-ear microphone for discrete communications

MicroCom Twistlock in-ear headset for use with hard generic or custom eartips

A low profile headset for high noise situations, available to fit either left or right ear or both

Microphones for Broadcast and Music

Miniature lapel and headset microphones with high quality audio for applications in Broadcast, Theatre or Education. Housings are made from lightweight durable materials, with Kevlar reinforced polyurethane cable for strength and durability

Robust and simple use microphone clip. Available in 2 size options

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