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Discrete and comfortable earpieces are a requirement for all modern day broadcasters. Presenters, commentators and other production personnel all need to use earpieces for IFB (Interruptible Foldback) communication. One way communication allowing a programme director or assistant director to inform the on-air talent in real time of timings, breaks, links to remote presenters, late breaking news items, as well as feeding actual programme for personal monitoring.

Sensorcom manufacture a full range of products including, acoustic tubes, wireless inductive earpieces and custom moulded devices for use in noisy environments such as sports coverage when it is may be undesirable to wear standard headphones.

Acoustic Tubes, Fittings and Adaptors

A single bud-type earphone supplied with non-allergenic, soft-silicon generic earmoulds making them suitable for noisy environments as they will attenuate surrounding noise and hold the earphone firmly in the ear. This product is a comfortable alternative the standard "D" on-ear shells.  Cable length is 600mm with a variety of termination options.

A very small generic monitor that also acts as an effective earplug.

Mono Microbud for single ear monitoring.

Generic Eartips

We manufacture and stock a very wide range of generic eartips. Eartips can be a very personal choice; human ears all all very different and what is comfortable for one users may not suit another. It is also dependent on the amount of attenuation and if it is desirable to have disposable or reusable.

ProGuard Custom Fit eartips perfectly matched to your own ears.

Soft, comfortable and durable, Comply eartips give good ambient noise isolation

Easy to fit, soft flexible and mouldable foam eartips for a  snug fit

Multi Filament eartips for high noise exclusion when clear precise comms is required

A doubled flanged eartip with a flared audio port for better high frequency response.

Soft and flexible Triple Flanged eartips ideal for use with acoustic eartubes.

Soft and flexible EarPortz are curved for extra comfort and sound clarity.

Open style eartips for use with acoustic tubes allows for easy communications

In-Ear Monitor Cables, Sockets and Accessories

A selection of quality pre-formed cables for use by In Ear Monitor manufacturers. Pricing available upon request.

In Ear Monitor Cable with a Kevlar and Polyurethane construction

Twisted Y Cable in Black or Translucent Silver for IEMs

In-Ear Monitors for Music and Media

Design to be used by broadcasters, musicians, recording engineers and audiophiles, Sensorcom offer a range of IEM products. All with various configurations and specifications.

ProGuard P2+1 In Ear Monitor with triple driver configuration

ProGuard Fleximonitors 2 are designed to be used as a high end monitor or as a earplug.

In-Ear Product Maintenance

Basic, high quality tools for the cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids and other in-ear communications devices.

A small robust cleaning brush, ideal for daily maintenance of all ear devices and hearing aids.

Attractive palm-sized puffer, or air ball, for cleaning applications.

Guard against wax infiltration with our Wax Trap filters

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The “end of life disposal” of electrical products  in an environmentally friendly way, is the responsibility of the Purchaser.