IEM Cables, accessories and Earphone cleaning


IEM Cables

In-Ear (IEM) Monitor Cables Manufactured with high-grade tinsel, covered with a durable sheath, these cables exhibit remarkable flexibility, strength and durability and designed for in-ear monitor applications where they are exposed to excessive pulling and extended periods of skin contact. The cables have an industry-standard (1.75mm pitch) 2 pin gold-plated connector used for the earphone has an integral stainless steel stiffener which allows the cable to be formed and dressed over the ear to keep it in the correct position. A slider is also fitted to keep the cables in position when fitted behind the head. All monitor cables are fitted with a 3.5mm gold plated right-angled jack plug. Cables are dot coded to indicate left, right and polarity (phase). The are avaialbe as a twisted-tinsel format and low-cost formation with straight copper litz.


Cleaning Brush with Pick

Made in the UK, these brushes have been designed for ease of use and a special collet retyains the wax pick.


Airball Puffers

Sturdy puffer for creaing an intese air stream for cleaning small parts such has In-ear Monitors. The chrome plated nozzle also accepts earphone tube.