Custom Fit Earplugs

Certified 3D Digital Print Laboratory

Custom Fit

Sensorcom has a modern fully equipped Module D certified laboratory for the manufacture of custom fit earmoulds for hearing protection, monitors and headset sleeves. 

These can be made from soft silicon of hard resin and we can accept regular impressions or digital scans of the ear.

Sensorcom can accept contract manufacturing and the management of EN352-2 approvals.

Specifications of the products will vary depending on the type of earmould and application. All materials are used are medical grade and hypoallergenic.

It is advisable to check custom fit earmoulds for damage regularly so that they maintain their efficacy. It is also important to keep the clean using warm soapy water and paper towels to dry. This removes sebum (skin oil) build up which can make them slippery and affect the fit.

Custom earmoulds should be seal-checked at least every two years and replaced if necessary. The ear canal changes profile with age and it is important that the fit is correct to maintain hearing protection.