Electronic Earplugs

Vario is part of a developing range of level dependent hearing protection which allows near-natural hearing but will electronically compress and level-limit to 85 dB to comply with EN352-7 regulation for this type of earplug. These also incorporate a fast-acting impact filter which is essential to attenuate gunshot noise.

This type of earplug is being considered following several high profile incidents that have occurred when operatives cannot hear warnings or alerts, generally due to over-protection. 

Vario LD earplugs can be used in place of regular passive hearing protection and are particularly  good for shooting, industry and other high noise situations when it is important to maintain spatial awareness.

All Vario Earplugs are validated to EN352-2 and EN352-7 and come with a range of options.

This section will be updated to provide more detail in the near future but if you need more information now, please contact the sales desk.

Custom and generic fit options are available.

Batteries are type 312ZN

Custom and generic fit ear sleeves are available for Vario earplugs. Please contact sales desk for more information.

312ZN batteries are widely available from hearing aid shops and pharmacies