A low profile headset for high noise situations, available to fit either left or right ear or both ears

The MicroCom™ system is a generic, low-profile in-ear headset specifically designed for applications where the user may be exposed to high noise levels but must be able to use head protection in complete comfort. MicroCom will fit most ear profiles and is supplied with different sized eartips and helix tips to achieve the best fit and to maintain stability. It can be supplied in single or dual formats. MicroCom can also be supplied as a headset for custom fitting where it can be inserted into a custom mould made form the profile of the users ear.

  • Weight: Single 12g
  • Dual 15g
  • Microphone: Pressure sensitive, noise cancelling (Omni option)
  • Microphone Operating Voltage: 1.5—10VDC
  • Speaker type: Mylar
  • Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Cable: 2.3MM/1200 PU/Kevlar TETRA Compatible
  • Eartips: Profiled generic sizes 1—4 or custom

It’s coming. Please refer to sales office.