Analogue Wireless Earphone with Audio Squelch

An inductively coupled wireless earphone for covert security applications as well as broadcast presenters. The ICM 40S incorporates audio squelch which mutes the audio when there is no audio input which reduces the quiescent noise level. These devices have a well defined generic anatomical profile to combine discretion and comfort and are designed to fit in either ear with good audio intelligibility. The wireless earphones have a replaceable wax guard system to reduce problems caused by ear wax. A range of inductive neck loops and inductor packs are available for these products. In situations that require the highest level of discretion and for long-term users we can offer custom fit versions 3D printed from the users ear profile.


Frequency Range:    300-5000Hz   

Distortion:   <10% @ 1kHz

Receiver:  Magnetic

Maximum Output Sound Pressure Level:    110dB ±3dB

Battery: 1.4 VDC A10 Zinc Air or Equivalent

Minimum Operating Voltage: 1.1 VDC

Typical Battery Life (A10 Zinc Air):>100 hours

Sensitivity (Standard): 70dB@1kHZ ±3dB/10mA/M  

AGC Attack:  < 0.5 seconds

AGC Release: < 0.5 seconds

Amplifier:  Proprietary analogue

Size: Nominal max: Length:20mm x Width:10mm

Weight (including battery):  1.3 grams

Operating Temperature Range:  -10 °C to +40°C

Cerumen Filter:  Replaceable Mesh Filter

Colour Options:  Beige, Mid Brown, Dark Brown.

Custom Fit Option:  Available at additional charge. Ear impressions required.

Quiescent noise: < 35dB

It’s coming. Please refer to sales office.

Wireless Earpiece Accessories



Inductive neckloop with sensitive integral microphone for VSB and basebad wirleless earphones


Inductive brooch for baseband wireless earpeices


Shoulder Pad

Inductive shoulder pad with sensitive integral microphone for VSB and basebad wirleless earphones


Seat Pad

Inductive seatpad VSB and basebad wirleless earphones



Replacement HF3 ear-wax guards for all Sensorcom wirless earphones. BeanBugs need HF4


A10 Zinc Air Batteries

We recommend Rayovac ZincAir batteries to give Sensorcom wireless earphones optimum performance


Hygiene/Fit Sleeves (4 sizes)

Soft PVC sleeves to assist the fit and security of wireless earphones

Vehicle Loop Amplifier

Vehicle loop amplifier that will support baseband and VSB wireless earphones. Wide DC voltage operating range: 4 – 20 VDC.


Vehicle Roof Loop

Cable loop designed and optimised for inseting into the roof of vehicles


Spring-top Storage Pouch

Spring top storage pouch for wireless earphones, batteries etc.