About Us

Welcome to the Sensorcom website and an introduction to the specialised communications products we design and manufacture in the UK.

Our company statement: Design and Manufacture of In-Ear Communications Systems describes exactly what we do. Our complete understanding of ear anatomy, sensitivity, physiology combined with plastics, microelectronic design and assembly capability create a highly specialised product group engineered to address the growing need for hearing protection and communications in high noise situations and discreetness for covert operations. If you would like to talk us about a new development or product idea, we have willing ears and a wealth of experience with a pragmatic approach to feasibility and getting product to market.

Sensorcom invests heavily in research and development to create new products and software solutions to create functionality and hearing protection with a growing range of DSP based products. And we thrive on working with business to realise their own solutions based on special functionality, interface or features.