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The new MUSIC-Link has been redesigned to make it compliant with the new types of Micro-Tube hearing aids that fit towards the top of the ear as well as with standard BTE and In-Canal hearing aids. It offers a simple and effective way of using a Smartphone as well as listening to audio replay devices fitted with a 3.5 mm jack plug. Batteries are not required for operation. It is essential that the hearing aid is fitted with a telecoil. To access the coil in your hearing aid by one of two ways: the first is by pushing a button or switch on the hearing aid or a remote to select a specific memory. This is called a “Manual telecoil”. Some telecoils are automatic and are called “Auto-Coil”.  

MusicLink is available is Mono or Stereo with a choice of Black or White

Nylon earhooks with an embedded sensitive magnetic induction coil(s) to provide an inductive output. Cable is Kevlar reinforced TPE and terminated with a gold-plated, right angle 3.5mm jack plug.