BeanBug VSB

Sub-miniature, inductively-coupled wireless earphone


The BeanBug VSB wireless earphone is a revolution in covert communications technology with a minute tube profile that will fit comfortably into very small ear canals for use in the most challenging special operations where high levels of discreteness are essential. The VSB Wireless Transmitter uses a novel, specialised audio signal modulation method which has been specifically developed to provide optimum performance in conjunction with the advanced digital signal processing implemented in the VSB Digital Wireless Receiver.  The method used in the VSB transmitter/receiver combination delivers drastically reduced levels of audible interference and noise when used in areas of high AC magnetic field strength, typically from CANbus networks in vehicles, TDMI noise from TETRA terminals and Cellphones as well as mains-borne noise from electric motors, neon signs and power lines.  As a result, the system achieves outstanding speech quality across the whole spectrum of covert applications where standard inductive devices are inoperable.

The modulation scheme uses only carrier frequencies within the audio band, is highly tolerant to frequency drift, transmit coil response and mismatch of operational frequencies between transmitter and receiver. The receiver is programmed to decode only audio signals modulated onto the carrier frequency thus making it immune from inductively-coupled noise sources.   The system provides consistent performance over temperature and battery discharge level, while permitting compact construction.  No matching or pairing between transmitter and receiver is required.  The transmitter is entirely based on robust low-frequency electronics and is categorically not a radio frequency device. A range of compatible coupling systems are available for neck, chest and shoulder locations as well as a car interface that will support both baseband and digital inductive devices and the VSB system simultaneously.

  • Frequency Range:  300-3000Hz
  • DSP Type:   Custom Hybrid, DSP and EEPROM
  • Distortion:   <3% @ 1kHz
  • Receiver:   Magnetic
  • Maximum Output SPL @1kHz:   96dB set to customer specification (max 102dB)
  • End of Battery Life:   Audible Beep
  • Battery:   1.4 VDC A10 Zinc Air or Equivalent
  • Minimum Operating Voltage:   1.1 VDC
  • Typical Battery Life (A10 Zinc Air):  >50hours
  • Signal to Noise:   >60dB
  • Sensitivity:    6dB@1kHZ ±3dB/10mA/M 
  • Amplifier:   Digital Hybrid with custom Hardware + Firmware
  • Weight (including battery):   1.20 grams
  • Size:   15mm long, 8mm diameter
  • Operating Temperature Range:   -10°C to +40°C
  • Wax Filter Type:  Replaceable Mesh Filter
  • Colour Options:   Beige, Mid Brown, Dark Brown.
  • Custom Fit Option:  Yes – customer supplied ear impression

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Wireless Earpiece Accessories



Inductive neckloop with sensitive integral microphone for VSB and basebad wirleless earphones


Inductive brooch for baseband wireless earpeices


Shoulder Pad

Inductive shoulder pad with sensitive integral microphone for VSB and basebad wirleless earphones


Seat Pad

Inductive seatpad VSB and basebad wirleless earphones



Replacement HF3 ear-wax guards for all Sensorcom wirless earphones. BeanBugs need HF4


A10 Zinc Air Batteries

We recommend Rayovac ZincAir batteries to give Sensorcom wireless earphones optimum performance


Hygiene/Fit Sleeves (4 sizes)

Soft PVC sleeves to assist the fit and security of wireless earphones

Vehicle Loop Amplifier

Vehicle loop amplifier that will support baseband and VSB wireless earphones. Wide DC voltage operating range: 4 – 20 VDC.


Vehicle Roof Loop

Cable loop designed and optimised for inseting into the roof of vehicles


Spring-top Storage Pouch

Spring top storage pouch for wireless earphones, batteries etc.